Custom Parts & Special Orders

Canton Racing Products has been building custom parts since we began our company in 1981.  We know that product modifications and one off special builds are sometimes required to meet unique applications.  We can make custom versions of most of our product line including tanks, valve covers, oil pans, and machined products.Things to consider when requesting a Special Order or Custom Part?

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Knowing what you Want.
Have a clear description of what you are looking for.  Consider all measurements and all details of your part as well as how your modified or custom part will work with other components you are using.  Include in your description any factors or components that would possibly effect the design of your part, for example engine stroke, x-members class rules, etc...

What can you provide?  
If you are looking for something unique and specific you may want to include a sample or a drawing of what you are looking for.  If you are looking for a pan or valve cover that is completely different from something we currently offer you may be asked to supply a block or head for us to use to mock up your part.

Consider your Time line?
If you are in a time crunch a custom part or special order is not the way to go.  Our shop is designed for production work and our custom parts must work through the same processes that our production pieces go through.  We will estimate a time frame for you when you are given your quote, but these time frames are only estimates.


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If you would like to submit a request for a special order or custom part please review our custom parts guidelines and request for quote documents below and call or email our sales department at: