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Canton Racing Products has been designing and building oil pans since 1981. For decades our oil pans have delivered performance and reliability for high performance street, racing, marine, and industrial applications.


Superior Oil Pan Designs
Each of our oil pans are designed with a mix of features to best suite their intended use. We combine trap door baffling systems for oil control oil recovery pouches and crank scrapers for power savings, high capacity sump designs, and several other features to create oil pans that provide the maximum benefit for their application.


Quality Manufacturing
Our production process focuses on accuracy and reliability. All oil pans are built using 16 or 18 gauge steel and .100 thick aluminum and are tig welded, rather then mig welded.  The result is a better quality pan with less possibility for leaks and cracks.

To further ensure quality every oil pan under goes several leak tests and is fitted on an engine block several times throughout the production process to be certain they easily install on their application. For a durable long lasting finish steel pans can be gold iridite plated or powder coated.

Production Flexibility
We have experience building large and small specialized production runs. Pans can be built in various batch sizes.

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