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Oil Cooler Thermostat Routing Diagram & Recommended Port Fitting (PDF)

External Oil Pressure Adjuster Instructions (PDF)


How To Install a Main Cap Mounted Windage Tray (PDF)


Ford 2300 Main Support Installation Instructions (PDF)

Ford 302 Main Support Installation Instructions (PDF)

Ford 351W Main Support Installation Instructions (PDF)

Ford 429-460 Main Support Installation Instructions (PDF)



 Frequently Asked Questions


What Is A Windage Tray?

What Is A Main Support?

Why Use An Oil Cooler Thermostat?







What Is A Windage Tray?
Windage is the flow of air within the crankcase. each time a piston comes down in the cylinder bore the air under it is pushed into the crank area and each time the piston goes up the air is being pulled behind it. At the same time the rotating assembly is spinning and churning the air and adding oil into the mix. The windage tray keeps the windage around the crank from the oil in the sump area. It allows the oil coming off the crank to easily enter the sump without the windage affecting the scavenging of oil already in the sump. The windage tray also keeps any oil in the sump from getting into the rotating assembly during vehicle motion.


What Is A Main Support?
Auto manufactures started using weaker engine block castings as early as the late 1970's in an effort to reduce cost and save weight. They were able to do this without problems thanks to increasing smog regulations causing decreased horsepower ratings. While these stock blocks hold up just fine when putting out 220 horsepower, they cannot go racing. Our Ford main supports counter the limited webbing and weakness of the stock blocks. They help to "beef up" your lower end by reinforcing the alignment of the main caps. Each Canton support is laser cut from 1/2" (2300 & 302) or 5/8" (351W & 460) steel and Features CNC machined mounting holes and rod notches for stroke clearance. Our design ties directly to the main caps and doesn't need bushings or spacers or require the main caps to be machined to mount it. our Main supports are predrilled to accept the mounting of our optional windage tray.


Why Use An Oil Cooler Thermostat?
An oil cooler thermostat helps your engine's oil come up to temperature quickly and holds it at the right temperature. Cold oil does not flow and does not lubricate correctly. Plus, moving cold oil robs power. Our thermostat is designed to bypass the cooler until the oil reaches 215 degrees. At 215 degrees water condensation in the oil will evaporate and the oil will be warm enough to flow and lubricate properly.