For a visual review of what to look for in a performance oil pan see our "Oil Pan Feature Guide".

Oil Pan Feature Guide



For information on the features to consider when choosing an Tank see our "Aluminum Tank Designer's Guide".

Download the Aluminum Tank Designer's Guide



For a step by step guide to choosing the right Accusump system for your application see our Accusump Selection Guide. 

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For a full run down of the oil system components we recommend for the LS engine see our "Ultimate LS Wet Sump System" Guide.

The Ultimate LS Wet Sump System



Download our fuel consumption quick reference sheet to easily find the fuel consumption and recommended line size for your engine based upon your horsepower and fuel type.

 Download the Fuel Consumption Regerence Sheet



If you would like to know more about engine oil and how it affects performance click below to receive our "Why Engine Oil Matters" E-book.  

Download the History of Oil E-book