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Fabricated Tanks

We have one of the largest selections of fabricated tanks available. Our popular styles include breather tanks for ventilating fluid systems, catch tanks for the capture of overflow fluids, and expansion tanks for fluid expansion in pressurized systems.

Quality Manufacturing
Our production process focuses on accuracy and reliability. Our tanks are fabricated from .100 thick aluminum with .125 & .190 options available on custom orders. All tanks are pressure tested and tig welded.  The result is a better quality part with less possibility for leaks and cracks.

Fabricated Tanks

Off the Shelf or Custom Made
Our wide variety of stocking tanks means we may already have exactly what you need in stock. However, if your application requires something special we can custom build a tank just for your application.

Click here to see all our stocking tanks or read about our custom tank capabilities bellow.

Fabricated Tank Manufacturing
Build Your Custom Tank

Tank Design
Submit your own design or provide us with the details of your application and let us design a tank that meets your needs. Our fabrication experience allows us to design with production in mind and build your tank faster and more cost effectively.

Fabricated Tank Dimensions
Square and rectangle designs are often the most effective tank shapes. They are strong, easy to mount and cost effective to manufacture. Start your design by determining your tanks height length and width.
Special shapes are sometimes needed to accommodate unique applications. Tanks like these are one of a kind, but require more engineering and manufacturing time to produce. To receive a quote and design for tanks like these start with a drawing of your application or a sample tank.
Custom Tank Details

Complete your tank design by adding fittings, a fill neck, and mounting tabs. Bellow are some of the standard options we recommend.

Fabricated Tanks

Bungs and Fittings: how will your tank plumb into your system and other components

Available Bungs and Fittings
NPT Bungs
AN Fittings
Barb Fittings
Fabricated Tanks

Fill Neck and Caps:

Tank Necks and Caps
Fabricated Tanks

Mounting & Brackets:

Mounting brackets intergrated into the tank body are an easy way to securely mount your tank.

Tank Mounting

Customized brackets and tabs can be built to accomadate specific mounting requirments.

Tank Brackets
Fabricated Tanks

Baffling Required?

Depending on the intended application, baffling may be desired to help control or direct fluid within the tank or to help strength the tanks structure. Let us know how you will be using your tank and we can designing the baffling system to suit your needs

Get a Quote

Contact us for a quote on your tank today. Provide us with your tanks details using this page as a guide plus your application and quantity required and we will give you an approximate quote based on our recommended tank design.